Remembering Bill Tober

Remembering Bill Tober, Chaplain (NAMB, SBC).     Gal. 2:20

When I met Bill Tober, he lived in Adams, TN, and volunteered in our church tech ministry.  He used a cane to steady his walking and always greeted me with a joyful smile.  Bill did not mind taking time to pray with people while leaning on his cane, even if it was in a busy walkway.  At first, when ever we met at church, I would ask how he was doing and he would always reply; “Not good, I’m old!”.   So I soon learned to greet him in different ways.

Bill Tober operated Online Christian Ministries.   Through this ministry, he would join online chat rooms and forums to share the Gospel.   Bill said that many of these people might never come in contact with the Gospel; spending most of their time in online chat rooms.

One day, after church, he told me about attending the National Religious Broadcaster’s Convention (NRB) and that he learned he needed a logo for his website.   He accepted my offer to design one for him, but the only thing he gave me to start with was his business card.  The card was a generic design with a picture of earth from space.  I spent two days trying to think of a logo idea, which was unusual for me.  In the past, if someone gave me a title, I could immediately think of at least one idea.   This time, I had drawn a page full of ideas and none of them worked.

After praying and searching the Bible, I began evaluating the subject.  What Bill Tober was doing was going into cyberspace with the Gospel.  It’s the Great Commission, Matthew 28:18-20, with computers.  That provided a picture that fit Online Christian Ministries.

When I sent Bill Tober a preview of the finished graphic, he sent me this e-mail in reply:  “This is fantastic.  Mission accomplished.   To God be the glory for a young person with your skills.”

Now that’s a man who understands creativity — John 15:4-5.


— by Benjamin Owen /