Previewing “Labeled”

This fall, I was given the privilege of viewing Labeled – a documentary by Hannah Allison (Mama’s Clothesline). Working closely with her family, Hannah is on a mission to tell untold stories.

When I was given a behind the scenes update in December, Labeled was in the final stages of post production. “We’re now doing color correction, audio mixing, and finalizing the musical score,” explained director, Hannah Allison.

After encountering the denial of basic medical care for Hannah’s sister, the Allison family met others with similar stories. Traveling across the country, they gather opinions from medical experts, scholars, and theologians. Labeled explores what the scriptures have to say about the sanctity of life and special needs children. Hannah’s mom, a Mayo-clinic trained physician, brings helpful background knowledge to the production.

The most challenging part was lack of experience at the start of production. Hannah said; “We had to learn about lighting, recording audio, color correcting, etc. We now know things that would have helped at the beginning of production.”

Labeled begins by simply presenting interviews detailing what has taken place “under the radar” in medical facilities. This film reveals an unbelievable mind set deep within American medical institutions. After the context is given, the film looks to factual information and history that applies. Most remarkable was a comment by one expert that “for many, children have become an accessory in life….” That’s a dangerous trend I’ve personally seen developing in our culture. Perhaps I can write more on that another time.

As the documentary comes to a close, the focus is on the Biblical principles to consider in these issues. I first thought Labeled may be too long for the subject, but the pacing was good and the content was mostly new to me. Additional information and new faces are introduced before you get tired of hearing people talk about their experiences. In the midst of changing healthcare laws, Labeled highlights the foundational importance of valuing all human life in medical practices.

This month Hannah is preparing for the February release of Labeled and designing DVD’s with added behind the scenes content. You can watch the trailer and learn more at

— by Benjamin Owen /