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Indescribable Movie

February 2013 – I was one of the hundreds who attended the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival last week.  The SAICFF is an exciting three day event where I had the opportunity to watch many of the near 70 films featured and talk with some of the people involved.

The feature films included ‘Indescribable’ which is set in the early 1900’s.  Follow a group of children as they learn how to love God “with all their heart, with all their soul, all their mind, and all their strength.”  ‘Indescribable’ is a fun and meaningful movie that all ages can enjoy.


Resistance Movement Movie

Also screened was ‘Resistance Movement’; about three teenage boys in Germany during Would War II.  They battled against Nazi propaganda by proclaiming the truth.  A well crafted and powerful film.

Both ‘Resistance Movement’ and ‘Indescribable’ will be on DVD in April.

‘Dumo (Keep Sake)’ and ‘Remember’, as well as, ‘The Lost Medallion’, were also finalists.  ‘The Lost Medallion’ features Alex Kendrick (‘Facing The Giants’ and ‘Courageous’) and is styled like a classic family-adventure movie.


Remember Movie

I met the producers of ‘Remember’ in 2012.  The Lammiman family lives in Canada and operates MovieMakers.  ‘Remember’ is a sci-fi/futuristic movie about a society that has given the state control of all children.  You can learn more in one of my earlier posts: [read the ‘Remember’ post].

‘Return To The Hiding Place’ was awarded Best Feature, Audience Choice and Runner-Up Best of Festival.   This movie, based on true events of World War II, was 17 years in the making.  ‘Return to the Hiding Place’ was the talk of the festival.

Return to the Hiding Place

In addition to the features, there were many short films and documentaries.  Multiple subjects are represented by this years’ films.  They covered everything from syrup making and family life to manhood and politics.  Some took you around the world and others revealed a forgotten corner of your backyard.  A large number of these were about the Sanctity of Life and therefore; SAICFF presented a special award for that category.

I was representing ‘Balance of Justice’ at the SAICFF.  It was selection for the documentary category and was screened during the festival.  It was great hearing from people who viewed the film.

Other categories were Promotional Films, Young Filmmakers and Commercial Advertisements.

This film festival is different from others in many ways.  The first thing you will notice in attending the awards ceremony is how they open.  Geoffrey Botkin, one of the contest judges, began the event by reading from the Bible.  God is honored throughout the festival; through the films, by the speakers, and the filmmakers.  This was my third year attending SAICFF.  It was great talking with friends, watching films and learning how to do better work.

– by Benjamin Owen /


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