The Word Sows Good Seed

“We’re going to plant potatoes!” announced Angus Buchan. He was leading a large prayer gathering for farmers in drought ridden South Africa.  Everyone was worried about Angus for taking such a risk.  Angus Buchan, however, knew that God is sovereign over droughts.

Years earlier, Angus (played by Frank Rautenbach) moved, with his family, from his 3,500 acre farm in Zambia to start again in South Africa.  Their new home, named Shalom, was in no shape for farming, but Angus was determined and worked night and day.  Eventually, Angus realized that even getting the farm running did not bring peace of mind. “I felt, inside me was like an engine that was screaming; and I could not switch it off.” Angus had a new farm, but not new life – until they attended a church service where he accepted Christ as Savior.  That’s when amazing things began happening.

“Faith Like Potatoes” (2006) is based on the true story of Angus Buchan; from the book by Angus Buchan, Val Waldeck and Jan Greenough.  Produced by experienced filmmakers, “Faith Like Potatoes” is well made and there are not many technical issues.  Though it is Dove Family Approved it’s not a good movie for young audiences.  There are intense scenes and some language in the first half.  In many ways the documentary version called “GOD’s Farmer” (included in DVD bonus features) is even better than the movie.  It offers more context to the story of Angus Buchan while skipping the more graphic visuals.

Angus Buchan has traveled all over to preach the Gospel and they’ve seen many miracles, including good harvests in years of drought.  “Your faith has to be like this potato.” Angus told the children at their orphanage.  You must have faith to grow potatoes because you can’t see them like other crops.  Even miracles, however, could not prepare them for their greatest struggle.


Indeed, the worst scene in the movie was when Angus’ little nephew is killed when he falls off the tractor.  Angus said; “Without God you won’t survive something like this.”  He would run up to his office, each morning, to read God’s word.  “Everyday, I got a bit stronger.”  When Angus traveled places to preach, he would hand out Bibles to people prepared to fight for a copy of God’s word.  “People in the western world have Bibles setting on their shelves and can’t even read them – there’s no hunger.   Here, there is a hunger, there is a need.”

“Faith Like Potatoes” is a great uplifting movie that becomes real after watching “GOD’s Farmer”.

– by Benjamin Owen /