Creed of Gold

A cloak and dagger adventure about the federal reserve and the greed that endangers a group of college students who are uncovering the truth.

In 1917, a secret group financed the Bolshevik Revolution. While this group did not break any laws, were their actions ethically right? Creed of Gold follows three college students as they invesigate this shadowy group of individuals who for centuries has manipulated finances around the world and is now using the Federal Reserve to undermine the U.S. economic situation. When, unbeknownst to the others, one man gets greedy and creates a computer program in the Federal Reserve accounting program to siphon money into his own pocket. And the race is on for the three college students to uncover this plot and to expose this secret syndicate.

FEATURE || 2013

CREED OF GOLD will thrill audiences as an unlikely trio faces off against the entire international monetary system in a saga that takes them from the Red Square in Moscow, Russia to the streets of New York City. Father-son team, Producer Mark Knudsen and Director Daniel Knudsen bring an intellectually-based, family adventure drama to the big screen with the story of Adam Smith, a college student who against all odds must clear his father’s name and protect the interests of the world from those who would exploit it.

For years, a secret conglomerate has manipulated financial transactions around the world to influence national economies for personal advantage. The secret was kept for decades but when Russian history Professor Vlad Dostoevsky in the 1980’s discovered evidence that linked these shadowy financiers to a contemporary group operating in America, the chase was on. But, the mystery was not Dostoevsky’s to solve. It would be almost twenty years before Dostoevsky’s son, having sought political asylum in the United States and now going by the name Adam Smith, would dig into the international financial dealings shrouded in mystery.

It is at Havenhurst University, an Ivy League school in New York best known for its scholastics, that Adam finally has the chance to prove his father right when his Money & Banking professor assigns him a paper on the Federal Reserve. Despite Adam’s best arguments, Kirsten Stanford, Adam’s assigned project partner, is unconvinced of what reeks of a conspiracy theory about international financiers and the Bolshevik Revolution. However, Kirsten cannot stand by for long as events accelerate which prove that there is definitely more than meets the eye. Her personal attitudes on ethics begin to change. Then, when her roommate dies unexpectedly she has to make some very important choices – which will change her life forever and maybe the course of a nation. What began as a term paper on the Federal Reserve becomes a fight for their lives as Adam and Kirsten glean further evidence and track down new leads.

Unable to understand the extensive data from the Federal Reserve, Adam and Kirsten enlist the help of Cody, Adam’s eccentric roommate. A math and computer genius, Cody remains skeptical of the whole connection between the Federal Reserve and the Bolshevik revolution but he has unwavering faith in Adam. Finally close to exposing the whole tangled web of intrigue and manipulation, their inside connection at the Fed is mysteriously killed and the Federal Reserve abruptly plans to switch out their computer system, effectively erasing all possible evidence. Suddenly, this is not a game. The stakes are life, death, and the future direction of the United States. Kidnapped and locked in a storage container, the clock is ticking.

Can this trio of friends put together a compelling case strong enough and fast enough to reveal corruption at the Federal Reserve? Can they ultimately expose the truth about the Bolshevik Revolution before their trail of evidence is destroyed and they are eliminated?