Resources for Voters in 2012

Below you will find a number of articles, videos, and information relating to the 2012 election.



Is Voting Enough?  —Article by Tony Perkins (published in Answers Magazine)

Who Should Christians Vote For in the 2012 Election?  READ  ARTICLE by Stephen McDowell


Candidate Info –article from

Tennessee Election Information

Tennessee Candidates Supporting Parental Rights in 2012


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“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone.”  –John Quincy Adams

“In the time of darkest defeat, victory may be nearest.”  –William McKinley

What’s at Stake This Election?

The following is an excerpt taken from remarks made by Dr. Frank Wright, NRB President & CEO, during an appearance on The John Ankerberg Show, which originally aired September 29, 2012. The show may be viewed at

If you were standing on the beach 20 minutes before the tsunami hit, you would have thought everything was pretty much OK in life. You would have looked around and seen everything as you were used to seeing it. And suddenly your world changed in a heartbeat when that great wave came ashore. I think that’s where we stand today.

We stand at a place where too many Americans, too many Christians particularly, look around and think that the freedoms that they’ve had these many years are something that’s guaranteed to them – things that they’ll always have. And I say to you that what’s happening on Capitol Hill today, and what will happen depending on who the next President of the United States is, may change those freedoms so fundamentally that a program like [The John Ankerberg Show] will no longer be able to proclaim the full counsel of God’s Truth without fear of retribution by some government entity; that a pastor standing in the pulpit of a local church will no longer be able to proclaim the full counsel of God, teaching on God’s plan for human sexuality, God’s standard for the defense of human life, without fear of losing their tax-exempt status or far worse.

There is legislation pending on Capitol Hill today that could so constrain your free-speech rights, and the rights ultimately of all Americans, that the Bible will be something that’s referred to only in part because there will be parts of it that are untouchable. There will be parts that if you open it and teach it, you will be subject to government sanctions. So we will have come – in less than 240 years in this nation – from a time when religious freedom was our first freedom to where that freedom will be so abridged that the government will be dictating what you can and cannot do in the area of religious free speech and religious free exercise. –Published October 2012 by NRB


Decision Time  –article from WORLD magazine

Billy Graham Ad: Vote for Candidates Who Support Biblical Values

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College Requires a Degree of Intolerance — news article, Family Research Council