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“From Jailing Evangelists to Church Bomb Plot, Christian Persecution on the Rise in America” ~by Heather Clark

Throughout 2012, numerous incidents have been making headlines pertaining to the persecution of Christians in America. Some believe that persecution is on the rise, and that matters will only continue to get worse across the country on both the federal and local levels.

While circumstances have not escalated to the intensity taking place in countries such as Nigeria, where Christians are being mass murdered and their churches set on fire by the Islamic group Boko Haram, or North Korea, where thousands of believers are being held in prison camps for their faith in Christ, many note that persecution is here nonetheless.

Jailed Evangelists

In late June, evangelists Robert Parker and Don Karns were taken into custody and jailed after preaching at the Princeton train station in West Windsor, New Jersey.

Parker and Karns stated that they have been witnessing at station for years, which is a part of the New Jersey Transit system, a provider of public transportation.

However, they explained to Christian News Network that after they had finished preaching and witnessing to those waiting for trains, and were leaving, they were approached by Sergeant Kathleen Shanahan and Officer Sandy Crowe. Parker and Karns said that Shanahan was “extremely hostile.”

The officers stated that the evangelists had violated the law for speaking at the train station without a permit, and demanded identification. Parker and Karns attempted to record the encounter with their cell phones, but were ordered to turn them off, which they did.

“She demanded ID, and I said, ‘What law am I breaking?’ and she said, ‘I’m going to take you to jail,’” Parker remembered.

The men were then taken into custody and transported to be booked and charged.

The evangelists spent three hours in jail and now face criminal proceedings for three offenses: defiant trespass, and two counts of obstruction for recording with a cell phone and declining to provide identification. Their trial is currently ongoing.

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This article continues with many more accounts and they don’t get any better.  I recommend that you read ‘the rest of the story.’   Take a look at this item from the same article….

“Earlier this month, six Christians in Jersey City, New Jersey all received citations for engaging in free speech activity without a permit. They were prohibited from preaching effectively or distributing tracts without first obtaining government permission.

The Jersey City Police Department also stated that because members of the public were upset with the message being proclaimed, the officers had a right to prevent potential violence. They stated that in such cases, police protocol is to disperse the crowd and silence the speaker.”


“It’s impossible to enslave a Bible reading people.” –Horace Greely