PenDragon : Sword of His Father

“The One who gave the vision still calls…”

As the Barbarian fleets descend on the coast, the people of Britain are left to defend themselves…

FEATURE  ||  2009  ||  related posts: “A What Kind of Dragon?”

The year is A.D. 411 – the Empire of Rome is crumbling. As the legions are called back to the Eternal City, the Isle of Britain is abandoned to Saxon marauders…

Son of British Chieftain Justinian the Pendragon, young Artos has grown up in a quiet coastal village. Justinian entrusts the boy with a vision – to defend the people God has trusted them with. But, with the attack of Barbarian raiders, the village is destroyed, and Artos, the only survivor, is taken as a Saxon slave.  Artos’s will is crushed as he toils under Saxon masters… He begins to despair.

One snowy night, Artos is forced to flee. As he collapses at the end of his own strength, God intervenes. With a new understanding and faith in God’s sovereign plan, he sets off with renewed hope.

Artos journeys high into the Welsh countryside to the mountain stronghold of Arfon, where the British ruler Ambrosius is raising an army to halt the invading Saxons. Among Ambrosius’s troops, Artos finds what he has been seeking. Brotus, a young comrade, becomes his loyal friend, and Artos’s faith and vision has soon won the hearts of many among the British force… including Ambrosius’ daughter, Wenneveria.

However, there is one among the Britons who does not share Artos’ golden dreams… or rejoice at his battlefield successes. Artos soon crosses paths with Cadeyrn, a British commander seeking to amass his own power. Jealous of his young rival’s growing popularity, Cadeyrn plots to remove the young Pendragon…

Through the treachery of his bitterest enemies and the betrayal of his closest friends, Artos is once again alone – the hunted defender of Britain. Soon he must make a deadly choice – between the girl he loves and the people he is called to defend.