Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence is a documentary series that presents a respectfully honest view of the origins and legacy of the Amish. Featuring the story of Lester and Rebecca Graber’s salvation, excommunication, and exit from the Amish church, this film traces the Graber family and the Amish church back to the Reformation Era including interviews over a dozen people who have left the Amish as well as church leaders and historians. Learn more at the [official website].

EPISODE I: The Secret Strength of the Amish Church.
EPISODE II: Silencing the Grabers
EPISODE III: An Amish Romance
EPISODE IV: Birth of the Amish Church
EPISODE V: Amish In Our Midst
EPISODE VI: Our Amish Heritage: Silent No More

Dove Review :

“Breaking the Silence is a wonderful, enlightening and educational tool for those who have always wondered about the Amish and exactly who they are. Who are these people that shun modern advances in technology and live without electricity? Who are these people that ride in their horse-driven buggies? The perfect man to tackle these questions is former Amish Joseph Graber, the host of this six-episode series. ”