A Lone Nomination

“Alone, Yet Not Alone” has received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song.  Like the mass media, I was surprised to hear of the Oscar nomination, but not for the same reasons.  From the time of production, this movie has been well known in the Christian film industry.  Many had been watching for news of its release.

I attended a sneak preview of “Alone, Yet Not Alone” in 2013 and remember liking the cinematography.  The movie did not leave me overly excited personally, but the message is strong and the film well made.  The production crew for “Alone, Yet Not Alone” included many from Advent Film Group (the studio behind “Come What May”).  Based on a true story, “Alone, Yet Not Alone,” surprises you with unexpected turns in the plot.

I laughed through a few articles about this “obscure nomination” that “would not be good live at the awards.”  Actually, I think it would be a great song live; especially having been performed by Joni Eareckson Tada (available on iTunes).

Some commented that it was nominated by association instead of merit and cited some industry connections.  However, I would say most of the films nominated have some kind of industry connection.  Either way, it’s one way to get more Christians to watch the Oscars (not a recommendation).  Here is the music video until you find an opportunity to watch the movie….

– by Benjamin Owen

UPDATE  [Jan.29,2014] — “The Academy’s board of governors voted to rescind the original song nomination for Alone Yet Not Alone“.