Air Waves Movie


Screens will soon flicker to life with the release of “Air Waves” on DVD and Digital Download.  This short film takes place after the economic collapse of the United States.  The UN has banned all radio transmitters, but one man is still broadcasting.  From within an underground bunker, Gabriel Aldermin (Chuck Wilson) is on air everyday, but hears no outside response.

The bunker hides a treasure from the looters now roaming the nation.  Grieved by the loss of his wife and overcome with loneliness, Aldermin has forgotten his mission – “reach out with our greatest treasure.”

Writer and director, Zach Fowler said; “Aldermin is living in fear, just surviving.  He becomes  desperate for outside contact.”  Will Aldermin remember his mission before it’s too late?

After months of silence, Aldermin suddenly hears the voice of a young girl in danger (played by Grace Andrews).  He must work quickly to help her, and in doing so, will learn a hard lesson.

How would we respond to such times?  “Air Waves” will get you thinking and leave you hungry for more.

The movie will be available starting March 15, 2013.  Learn more at  //  FACEBOOK

– by Benjamin Owen /