A What Kind of Dragon?

When ‘PenDragon: Sword of His Father’ released in 2008, it created quite a stir. A few families producing a movie of this scale and quality was big news. Even more important than the dazzling visuals, however, was the message woven into the story.

In A.D. 411, Rome has left the people of Britain to defend themselves as Barbarian fleets descend on the coast. The movie gains momentum when Artos (Aaron Burns) escapes the invaders who killed his father and joins the army of king Ambrosius (Andrew Burns). He quickly becomes a well liked and trusted leader in the war for a free Britain. Things change, however, when the king is murdered. Will the vision of a free Britain die with their leaders? Artos and the daughter of Ambrosius, Wenneveria (Marilyn Burns) struggle to continue, but things begin to fall apart around them.

Artos’ father, known by most as “the PenDragon”, made weapons for the defense of Britain. He and the king both dreamed of the day they could live in peace. Artos essentially picks up the sword of his father from where it fell; understanding that “Some tasks take more than one generation to accomplish.”

The movie has great visual effects and features an inspiring score. However, the acting and dialog requires patience from the viewer. Some of the scenes seem unnatural, while others, the action is hard to believe. Even so, the story is worth overlooking the technical issues, and many people have.

‘PenDragon’ has become a favorite in many homes and received multiple awards. ‘PenDragon’ is centered on a message of hope in Christ; even beyond current circumstances.

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– review by Benjamin Owen / TNmemoirs.com